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Hold The Front Page – Wirral Visitor Guide 2014

I was delighted to have had one of my pictures chosen to be the Front Cover Feature Photograph on this years Official Wirral Visitor Guide . This is especially pleasing with this years Global event of The Open Championship returning to Hoylake in July with a small picture of Tiger Woods under one of my photos.  Follow the link to see the leaflet :- 

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Flickr Stock

A brief update this time to announce another two milestones. Firstly I am very pleased that page views on my Flickr page have reached 300,000 hits this weekend. Also I have successfully achieved my first Stock Photo acceptance with Istock. This is significant as it confirms that I am capable of producing marketable photos. I can now concentrate on increasing my presence in the global stock photography marketplace and await to see what sort of interest is shown in any of my work.  

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Liverpool Giantspectacular Photography

This year sees the return of the Giants to Liverpool as a landmark national event to commemorate 100 years since the start of World War 1. This is going to provide a fabulous photographic opportunity on my doorstep which I plan to take full advantage of.  They will be here in July 23 – 27. 

The last time they were here was 2 years ago for Sea Odyssey to tell the story of the sinking of the Titanic which was again a centenary celebration. Royal De Luxe are the company who manage the giants and I am delighted to have had one of my pictures from the event chosen to be the banner picture of their Flickr site which you can see by following the link ;- 

My folder of merchandise of the previous event is started and can be found here :-  ht...

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Stock Photography

In the Information Age with all of its technological capabilities, stock photography images can now be bought and sold digitally in all corners of the world. Magazines, book publishers, interior decorators, home architects, website developers, service companies, and marketing companies all have a need for stock photography at some point in time to enhance the marketability for their company. Sometimes having the right visual media is just what is needed to add that extra touch increase sales.

So with this in mind I have decided to enter this market and submit some of my work for review to Photography Stock Companies. The two I have joined initially are Istock and Shutterstock...

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New Website Name

Just a brief update to inform you that I have decided to update my website address with the purchase of a new domain name. The new name is shorter and perhaps easier to remember :-

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Flickr Hits

My Flickr page has reached a significant milestone in terms of site visits. It has just passed a whopping 250,000 hits. Having set up the account in January 2010 I am a regular up loader and have quite a collection of some of my best work there.  You can check it out by following the link on this website to see my latest uploads.

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Wirral Peninsula Official Visitor Guide 2014

I am delighted to have had not one but two of my pictures chosen for inclusion in this years Wirral Peninsula Official Visitor Guide. This is especially pleasing as it is such a huge year for Wirral with the return of The Open Championship to Hoylake in July.  My new website has been credited for my pictures which are the picture of Thurstaston Shore featured on Page 5 and a picture of West Kirby Marina on page 7. You can download a copy of the brochure which is one of the most detailed and informative guides I have seen produced by following the link below. I have also included a copy of the Thurstaston Shore image to my home page slider.


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Night Photography

I have just booked myself onto a 3-hour Night Photography Course in Liverpool’s Albert Dock on Sun Feb 23rd through John Hall Photography. This is an area of Photography I am looking to expand my knowledge of whilst meeting with other like minded people. I hope to put that knowledge to good use over the coming months and gain a few nice images to upload from the experience. 

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It has been a long term ambition of mine to one day have my own Photography Website and here it is. Hope you enjoy the content and please keep watching to see the site develop. A huge special thank you to Matt Ierston for building this site.    

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