Stock Photography

In the Information Age with all of its technological capabilities, stock photography images can now be bought and sold digitally in all corners of the world. Magazines, book publishers, interior decorators, home architects, website developers, service companies, and marketing companies all have a need for stock photography at some point in time to enhance the marketability for their company. Sometimes having the right visual media is just what is needed to add that extra touch increase sales.

So with this in mind I have decided to enter this market and submit some of my work for review to Photography Stock Companies. The two I have joined initially are Istock and Shutterstock. Once I have had my photos reviewed if they are of a sufficiently high quality and approved I will then be allowed to submit more and only be subject to periodic quality reviews. 

The Stock company then offers up these images worldwide and if any are purchased I will receive a small commission. The thought process is that the more you submit the more commission you could build in time. I am also hopeful that it is another outlet for my work and another portal that may bring more traffic to this website